OLAP and Oracle

Hello, Can anyone advise me about using OLAP. We are running Axapta 2.5 mp3 on an Oracle database. We would like to use OLAP but what is the best way using OLAP with our Oracle database? Can anyone advise us or is there anyone who has experience using OLAP with Axapta on an Oracle database? Edwin van Extel evanextel@igopost.nl

Hello, we are not using OLAP at the moment. But as I know you need a MS-SQL-Server License to use Axapta OLAP. This is because Axapta OLAP is only an add-on of MS-SQL-Server OLAP. Björn Hub

Hi Edwin, At this time we are still using a legacy ERP system with Cognos as OLAP tool, but we intend to implement Axapta 3.0 on an Oracle database. For this reason I am very much interested in this matter, too. So I asked our solution center several times on this matter. Information I got from our solution center is, that the OLAP in Axapta is based on cubes (prepared database views / datamarts). The OLAP functions in Axapta, seem to be some kind of pivot-tables like known from Excel i.e… The related cubes used by these pivot tables can be created either by SQL-server (in case of MS-SQL-server), by Oracle OLAP (in case of Oracle Enterprise edition), by Transformer (in case of Cognos), or other supported OLAP-tools. There seems to be a difference between Axapta 2.5 and 3.0 regarding OLAP handling. Release 3.0 seems to be less dependent from external OLAP tools than 2.5. As you see I can’t give you only some global information. For this reason I’m interested in more detailed replies myself, as well. Looking forward to these replies. Good luck.

Hi, I have done some work on OLAP in Navision Axapta 2.5. Till now, I have not done any serious development in Axapta 3.0. But from what I gather, the main difference between 2.5 and 3.0 is - in Axapta 3.0, there is a synchronisation functionality available. Using which you can integrate externally defined OLAP cubes into Axapta which was not at all possible in 2.5. If you want to do OLAP when you use Oracle as the back end, it should be possible to hook up Oracle with MS Analysis Server. HTH, Harish

Hans wrote: “At this time we are still using a legacy ERP system with Cognos as OLAP tool, but we intend to implement Axapta 3.0 on an Oracle database” If you are using Cognos, I would recommend you continue to do so after you implement Axapta 3.0. We have made a “packaged” Cognos KPI solution on Axapta database (we are NSC as well as Cognos resellers) covering all major Axapta modules. Feel free to contact me for more info. birgir@annata.is