OIOXML and NAV 4.00 SP2


Which OIOXML update would you apply to an NAV 4.00 SP2? Searching Partnersource you would receive the following results:

MBS-Navision DK OIOXML Update 1 file

MBS-Navision 4.00 DK OIOXML Update 2

MBS-Navision 4.00 DK OIOXML Update 3

OIOXML update 4

It seems that som of the above updates are included in an Navision 4.00 SP2 ‘standard’ product release. But reviewing the object list for the above packages, objects are referring to NAV 4.00 and not e.g. 4.02.

Which update package should I apply to an 4.00 SP2 (4.02)?

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