Offline POS having a dedicated license


We have an offline POS and when we do transactions it then syncs back to the server. The issue with this is that it needs a license to do this. So it grabs a license when transaction occurs then drops it when transaction is finished. We just have enough licenses, we bought one for the POS as well, but the licenses get consumed by staff and then the sync cannot happen. I don’t want to have to buy extra licenses for the POS so there is always one available. The more you buy the more they will be used as staff will just consume then and then you are left with the same issue the POS with no license to grab. Can we dedicate a license to the Offline POS? We use MS NAV with LS retail. Can we reserve a license for this client machine only? Help we are not sure what to do… We tried to go online connect directly to the server but this cause major printing issues, really slow, hence why we have decided to go offline.