Odd Problem with list page

I’ve created a list page based on project Id and a list of properties stored in a custom table but am having a strange problem. Any fields I add to the grid in the actual grid node in the AOT aren’t visible whereas if I add fields through the customize field I can see it is pulling down the correct records.

I’ve been through and checked and these fields are set to visible at every stage from the table, to the query, to the datasource in the form and the grid and yet they still won’t display.

Can it be that the AutoGroup property is set to Yes, and that fields are displayed from a group?

Try to right click the form and select Restore.

The fields have been added individually rather than from a field group. I’ve tried restoring and it hasn’t solved the problem. Oddly the program behaves like the fields are being displayed in the sense that when I add fields by personalization the fields do not appear as options and the grid does not display “this grid is empty”.

A bit more info. It’s running off a query that returns a the projtable linked to a customer table called the proptable by project id. The records stored are being returned as when I click the tick all button on the grid it ticks 4 records (there are 4 test records in the table) but does not display any fields against them unless I choose fields in customization.

Problem solved. The customization seemed to have caused the issue as resetting the personalization solved the issue (despite the fact I had not asked to hide these fields in customization.)