using ODBC to read in MSAccess some data stored in NV 2.60E, i got a connection problem : When switching from the first comapny to the second, there is an error. The first connection don’t close

You can’t use same Access database for different companies. You must change company in DSN first and after this RE-LINK all tables in MDB. It’s not bug in ODBC, it Access’ bug (Access stores ALL connection’s information in database, see ‘MSysObjects’ table in Access). Business Applications Programmer Sertified Navision Developer SIA “Sintegra” Latvia

There is no problem with DSN. The main database runs some jobs through the “gateway A” access database, linked to the company A, and the “gateway B” linked to the company B. The two users are different. The first gateway runs perfect but the Nav’session stays alive, and the second gateway cannot connect. (in both orders A-B and B-A) I think two connections cannot be shared by the same process. If i open the two gateways, Navision reports 2 sessions. At the same time the Main reports the same bug : Only 1 session. Best regards,