Hi, I would like to check can we use ODBC and OLAP tool concurrently with Navision Database. When I try to work with ODBC it doesn’t allow me to connet as Navision is running.and on the other hand when ODBC querry is running then navision give an error message " This function cannot be used executed while the database is being used by other users". What could be a possible solution. Thanks

I think this is related to your ODBC setup. As far as I understand, you MUST not specify the database filename (leave the field blank), and you should select server(not local). This way you avoid making a single user link to the database. Hope this helps

Hi there, I also Have this problem. But I run on my Local machine. I was told by my Local Support that the Database,EXE and the CODBC version should be the same but still I have the same Problem. Moreover I have a very funny Problem Last night.In one of my Local machine whne I select the Tables it duplicated every every tables and in the tables all teh fields also duplicate and thus I cannot run the Extraction to Excel. If any solution Please Advice. THanks Puspak

if you work in a single-station enviroment, you should copy the odbc-directory into the navision-directory, so fin uses one dbm.dll to access the database-file. otherwise you have to connect to the server, and don’t mention the databasefile itself. it is one of the best, so let us make it the best at all

Thanks Rene, Your solution works. Regards bangli