For the life of me, I cannot get ODBC (W1.2.60B, not the SQL version) to work with the database on a server. Making a local connection works fine, but that’s not what I want! I have a Novell 5.1 LAN, the database is on a NT4.0 server. My workstation is W2K. I either get the message that the login failed or I get the message that the drivers SQLSetConnectAttr failed. Anybody out there who can push me in the right direction ?

Ideas that may help. Are both machines talking using the same network protocol ( Tcp) Is the ODBC Driver installed correctly and of the same version as the server Are you using the correct dir and license in the ODBC setup Are you using the correct network type in the setup Have you indicated a correct Temp directory Are you trying to access the DB via Built in security or DB security Is the same use name trying to login or is the machine trying to log in HTH Bruce