Is there an improved ODBC driver available ? and, if yes, where can I find it ? Current version, Navision W2.60

Hi, we use CODBC W1 2.60D Did you use Fin 2.60B? Because you use ODBC 2.60.02.xxx? You NSC must have these version. Bye Jan

Hi. Get yourself C/ODBC 2.60F (2.60.06.xxx). It’s the best ODBC version in the 2.60 line and you can use with any Fin 2.60. It’s much more reliable than the earlier 2.60 ODBCs. Regards

Where can I find this version. I’m running on CODBC W1 2.60A and it is not working properly… I have talked to the local NSC, but the dont have any other version…