ODBC with Navision 3.6 SQL

Does anyone know the permissions set up for the ability to use ODBC to SQL database?

There is no C/ODBC product for SQL Server, if that is what you’re referring to. You just use the Microsoft ODBC driver.

Hello Robert, Thanks for your reply. I have set up the Microsoft Sql driver and I am able to retrieve data into Excel, however one of our users can not. It appears to be a permissions set up. What needs to be set up for this user. Also, the results in Excel are different. Quantity of 1 in Navision is 0.999999979959123 in Excel.

You are probably db-owner, admin or something like that in SQL. The other users can’t use odbc since the permissions You set up in Navision only is valid for access with the Navision client. To use other tools (as ODBC) You must set up permissions in directly in SQL.

What is the specific SQL Server error your user is getting? The difference in numbers could be due to SQL Server field being a fixed point decimal and Excel is converting it to a floating point format. Excel will almost definitely not use the same representation as SQL Server, but may allow you to format it as decimal.

Robert Lars, Thanks for pointing us in the right direction. We were not receiving an error but our user was not seeing the sql tables. We added read permission in sql and the user can now retrieve desired data. As to the values issue, for the timebeing we are formatting in Excel to zero decimal places but would like to know if there are some other settings that will bring in the value properly. In MS Query before returning data to Excel, we do see the whole quantity.