ODBC with C/SIDE 2.60C

Hi! I’m trying to export data from a C/SIDE database to Excel with C/ODBC 32 bit driver. I’ve tried running Queries from both a lokal database and a server installation. The Queries from the lokal database were three times slower than the server installation!! (Each querie took 3min lokal vs. 1min server…) The lokal Querie did not use all memory (acording to the task manager), but I heard the harddrive run all the time… Is this your experience as well? Or was this just accidentally? I’m going to set up a workbook with five queries, from the finance post - table, so time is rather important… Do you have tips to set up the ODBC intagration to go faster? Best regards Vibece Larsen

I would suggest using Excel automation rather than the C/ODBC driver which is at best flaky. There are lots of examples of how to do this on this site. Although doing it this way removes some of the flexibility from the end user.

Thanks for the advice! I’ve been trying to follow your advice but thise problems occur: 1. How can I command navision to open a spesific Workbook? - I tried: CREATE(xlApplication); xlWorkbook.run(xlWorkbook,‘C:\temp\test.xls’); but this failed… 2. I want to set the following flowfield in table 15: G/L Account in the report: 1. No. (G/L account) (For (No. > 3000) and (No. < 8999) 2. Project (Global Dimension no. 2) (All values found in the table…) 3. Net Change Is this possible?? - and if so - how do I do it…

  1. To open a specific workbook try; CREATE(xlApplication); xlWorkBooks := xlApplication.xlWorkbooks; xlWorkBooks.Open(FileName); 2. For a flowfield all you need to do is set your ranges and filters within Navision and then doa Calcfield then pass that to a Cell within the Excel workbook. Try the following; GLAcct.SETFILTER(“No.”,’%1…%2’,‘3000’,‘8999’); GLAcct.CALCFIELDS(“Net Change”); xlWorksheet.Range(‘A4’).Value := GLAcct.“Net Change”; You could obviously set variables for things like the Account numbers and the Excel Cell that you want to update.