ODBC SQL Error...

Hi everyone. I am actually a FileMaker database developer setting up an ODBC link with Navision for a client. They already have this up and working but want me to speed up the process. They currently have 1 SQL command for each field. I started off by combining all 20 of the commands into 1 SQL command for they were all be executed on the same query WHERE. However, after executing the SQL I receive an error # “S0000”. So I broke the SQL down and starting at lines together one at a time. What I found was that when it got to their date fields, I would receive an error. Here is my SQL: UPDATE Contract_Information SET Contract_Vendor = ‘12345’, Contract_Description = ‘This is where description goes’, Contract_Begin_Date = ‘1/1/2003’, Contract_End_Date = ‘5/10/2003’, Project_ID = ‘BB-1234’, Contract_Manager = ‘Doug Coning’, Contract_Amount = ‘1000’, Contract_Budget_Year = ‘2003’, Pmt_1_Amount = ‘250’, Pmt_1_Date = ‘1/3/2003’, Pmt_2_Amount = ‘’, Pmt_2_Date = ‘’, Pmt_3_Amount = ‘’, Pmt_3_Date = ‘’, Pmt_4_Amount = ‘’, Pmt_4_DATE = ‘’, Pmt_5_Amount = ‘’, Pmt_5_Date = ‘’, No__Of_Payments = ‘5’, Contract_Payments = ‘’ WHERE Contract_No_ = ‘555’ Each one of these Set parameters were originally an individual SQL command that I merged into 1 command. This command works when I write to a test MySQL database but doesn’t work when I try to write to Navision. Can Navision receive multiple updates at one time through SQL? Any help here would be greatly appreciated!

Hi. MySQL and Navision databases have different odbc syntax regarding dates. Navision uses the {d’YYYY-MM-DD’} format. You can find a similar discussion in the following thread: http://www.navision.net/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=5577


Can Navision receive multiple updates at one time through SQL?

If you mean updating several fields in a single sql statement, the answer is yes. Regards.

How do you even manage to get “in contact” with filemaker?

Our navision partner has tried for 2 days to get a connection with filemaker, till now I have no result.