ODBC problem with SQL server 2000

Hello, I have a problem with importing data in SQL. I’m using DTS and ODBC to connect to Navision db. After specifying source and destination the table(s) can be selected. After selecting a table I can click or or , but I always get a <DTS Import/Export Wizard Error>: Error Source: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers Error description: [Navision a/s][Navision Attain ODBC Driver]Unexpected extra token: Line Context: Error calling OpenRowset on the provider. I have already imported one other table succesfully (not having this problem). Using: O/S: Ms Windows 2000, 5.002195, Service Pack 4 SQL: SQL Server 2000 ODBC: Navision: Navision Attain BE 3.60 Can you help me?? Thanks

C/ODBC does not work correctly with DTS because of its incompatibility with OLEDB.

Is that a specific attain issue. What solution do you advise?

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