ODBC, Pragma Telnet, Navision Permissions

Hi, When migrating from NF 1.3 to NF 2.6 we encountered a couple of problems. Configuration: NF 2.6 ODBC 2.6. Third party app connect through telnet to a telnet server. The telnet server machine also has the ODBC 2.6 driver. The application then connect through ODBC to the Navision Server machine. This configuration works as the TELNET machine is a NT4.0 machine. The Navision Server is W2000. If both Telnet Server and Navision Server are W2000 machines we CAN connect but as we open tables the communication haltes. This ofcourse could be a Telnet Server problem but mayby also a Navision permission problem. Anybody any ideas? Thanks in Advance, Erik

I do not understand how to work with Navision througn telnet, but user, connected to Navision trough ODBC must to have System/ODBC role. Business Applications Programmer Sertified Navision Developer SIA “Sintegra” Latvia

User has SUPER role This should do it right? Greetz