ODBC Error 08044

I’m retrieving an ODBC-Error 08004 No Permissions under Winnt; I’m loggend in as Admin; Trying to connect over a server in a Network is ok, trying to connect to a local database (or over a Server on a local database) doesn’t work.

I know 3 reasons for the “no permission”: 1) If you do not have the correct NF-license-file(with ODBC-access) installed on the database you are trying to use you will get the error. 2) If the user-id is not set up to use ODBC you will also get the error. The user (group) has to have the following system-rights: Objecttype Object-ID Objectname Read Insert Edit Delete Run System 9130 C/ODBC Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 3) If the group where the above mentioned rigths are, has been limited to a specific account, ODBC will not work. The group where the ODBC-rights are must have a blank Account column. You can e.i. make a new group for ODBC use. Kind regards Aston Naviteam A/S Thomas Ravn-Jensen trj@astonitgroup.com http://www.naviteam.dk http://www.astonitgroup.com Edited by - raven on 4/14/00 1:53:03 PM