ODBC driver, version 2.5

We’ve recently upgraded to Navision 2.5 and have been experiencing repeated problems with the ODBC driver, particularly where our Access 97 users are concerned. We also have several automated routines that utilize the driver and have the same thing happen. Basically, either the users or the routines will experience an ODBC Failure. When the routine is restarted or the user restarts Access, the Navision data is accessible for an irregular interval, then the same thing happens again. We’ve brought this to Navision’s attention but haven’t heard back yet. We’re interested if anyone else has had similar connectivity problems and what, if any, solutions were applied. Thanks. Jim

You should get the 2.6(a) ODBC driver. The 2.5 version is known for having bugs. Consult your local Navision office, they should have it, or be able to get it for you. John

Not correct, The odbc drivers must be same version as the executables… You cannot use 2.60 odbc with 2.50 executable /Rasmus

We had a similar problem (don’t remember the ODBC error code), turned out that the ODBC driver was taking up one session until the program was closed. Ended up configuring extra sessions. Don’t know if this is the problem, but it can be checked by looking at how many sessions are occupied when the error occurs. Svend Heinesen Programmer Vision Software Faroe Islands

We’ve found that they ODBC driver has a problem refreshing amongst other things.

We upgraded from 2.0 to 2.5 just over a month ago. When we were using version 2.0, we had no problems.

Beware of the fact the ODBC 2.50 driver is unstable under Windows 2000. Otherwise, there are actually several bugs with that driver, which mainly occurs when the ODBC client uses ODBC functions not implemented or badly implemented. Navision has certified the driver with Excel/MSQuery32 which access the ODBC driver in a certain manner (a precise sequence of SQL_ODBC function calls), which is different from Access and others (Business Objects …). I tried to exploit C/ODBC with Perl Win32::ODBC and discovered that about 30-40% of the odbc functions are not implemented. Using this driver with other clients than Excel always leads to a buggy/unstable behavior. You can see that by using the trace log of MS ODBC and comparing the way MSQuery and Access browse the table list. It’s really weird and frustating !!

I am having the same trouble with ODBC (version 2.6). I attempt to join tables using an outer join and it does not work. I get inconsistant and illogical results. Does Navision ever intend to get ODBC to work with MS Access 97 or 2000?