ODBC Driver limited to one database ??

I have a problem with ODBC linking. It appears that the version of the ODBC driver i currently have does not allow me to use TWO DIFFERENT compannies from the same database at the same time ? EG I have two companies in our database SAMPLES and LIVE, I can attach tables from either company to the access application i am using and open any table from any company HOWEVER when i then try to open a table from another comapny i get an error ODBC connection already in use !! Please Advise / Help

Try creating two seperate DSN profiles and then open each seperately. To create a DSN, you do so from the Control Panel

it’s impossible to open 2 connection via ODBC driver. I have sold my problem this way: Make two DSN, open first process… close first open second process… close second and so on…

I dont doubt your solution works, but i am trying to use MS access and it appears that the ODBC connection is held open once the process is finished. Anyone know of a way via VB to shut the odbc connection ? Bruce