ODBC Connection

I can establish an ODBC connection to an external datasource without any problem and read data from tables fine. Inserting records appears to be giving me a problem though. Having connected and set all the variables I do the following: qStr = “insert into DBFRead.dbf values (‘First name’,‘Last Name’)”; odbcStmt.executeQuery(qStr); But nothing happens. There are only 2 fields in my DBFRead.dbf file and no error is thrown. What am I missing? Thanks Mike

How is your table defined? Both are varchar(xx) i suspect.

I guess. However, having used executeupdate instead of executequery, it appears to work. Mike

hi Can i connect to another database through ODBC and have the tables of that database as datasources in the Axapta forms? Can any one provide a small code if some coding is required. Thank you with best regards vaibhav