ODBC Connection with JAVA

Hello, can someone tell me how to connect a Navision Database with Java through JDBC (ODBC). I can connect to a closed local Database but not to a Server-Database which is open. Can somebody help me ? Thankx

Do you get an Error Message, if so what is it? Or do you simple not connect? Are you using the latest JDBC from Sun?

I recieve the Message java.sql.SQLException:[ Navision Software a/s] [Navision Attain ODBC Driver] ISAM error I use the jdbc from JDK1.4.1

But this will connect to a native local navision client?

is this a question ? the database is on a server an the odbc connection connects to this server.

Try this website http://mindprod.com/jglossjdbc.html. Maybe a problem with the JDBC-ODBC bridge for SQL. You can obtain a specific JDBC driver for SQL access. Hope this helps. Tony

I have had this problem in the past using Delphi to connect to a Navision database. I found that the inital setup of MS Office was a “Standard” installation and therefore not all the ODBC drivers were installed. I’m don’t know if this is any help to you but I would make sure that you have the latest JDBC driver. [:)]