ODBC Connection in 2.60D

I have a client who has until now used version 2.00 of server, client and ODBC Driver. He does a lot of stuff with Access, using the ODBC-interface. This went all very well. Now, I have switched him to version 2.60D of the server/client/odbc, and he’s having troubles with the ODBC. It works on a few selected PC’s. On others, he gets to see the tables in Navision, but when trying to access fields, he get an errormessage that says practically nothing (like ‘ODBC error’). Do you have any… General advice as how to fix problem (I must remain with ODBC). Experiences like the above one. Knowledge of feasibility of trying for instance the odbc driver from 2.50. Any other wise consideration regarding the subject. With the best (and most respectful) greetings: Morten Krabbe Barfoed Datatech S.p.A / Italy ------------------------ Morten K. Barfoed Datatech S.p.A ------------------------