ODBC Configuration

I am trying to figure out why there are DBMS Cache and Commit Cache options on the C/ODBC configuration screen. What benefit do these have on the client machines accessing Navision data? Do they override the settings on the server? Thanks, Rob Nelson

I guess the access for the ODBC driver is different than the access for NF clients, maybe this can explain these extra settings - but im not sure. Anyone got some information on this issue? Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG

From the C/ODBC-Technical Documentation Chapter 4.2 Establishing a Connection (All parameters are described) … These parameters (those you asked about) are normally set by ODBC Admin and need not be specified by the connection function. The driver retrieves the setup from ODBC.ini in Windows 3.1 or from the Windows 98/NT registry, and overwrites it with the values in the connection string. … Connection String is the ODBC-Connect-Command. It will be overwritten by the settings you made in the ODBC-Driver. Best regards Ben Benjamin Crause webmaster@amargosasun.de Germany