ODBC can't see data in a newly created table

Hi all. I don’t know if someone else reached this problem, but i think it’s not a normal behaviour. Here is the context: Server: NT4 (SBS) with IIS (from option pack), NF2.6 server, CODBC installed. Client: Internet Explorer I written a simple test ASP that displays names and values of all fields from “Customer” table. It worked OK on the client’s browser After that i changed the script only to open another table created by me, instead of “Customer”. This new table contains 2 records inserted with a Navision client. This time the client get an error message, something like “BOF and EOF are set at the same time, record is missing or has been deleted” (don’t remember exactly the message) So why i can see the data in “Customer” and can’t see the data in my table ? (i tried both “yes” and “no” for DataPerCompany property on my table) Thank you even if you had the patience to read 'till this point. :-)) All the best, Costi

Hi, First of all check it’s record count. If record count is greater than 0 then move the record pointer to the first record before accessing the data or refresh the connection as well as recordset.