odbc and SQL

I know is a little strange question, but I have a problem… I need to connect with a SQL Navision database, but I want to use not the SQL-ODBC, I want to use the Navision-ODBC. Someone knows if it is possible and how to do it? THANKS

The Navision ODBC driver - known as C/ODBC - can only be used to access the proprietary Navision C/SIDE database. This driver can not be used to access an SQL Server database.

Hi Martin, As far as I know, that is not possible. I can’t figure out why You want to use the native-ODBC, on the SQL-db. If the reason is the flow-fields, using the native-ODBC will not help you. The reason why you can’t read the flowfields using the SQL-ODBC, is not in the driver, but in the database-structure The flow-field technologi does not exist on the SQL-server. And to work-around that, some additional tables is created in the database, which contains only the data related to this. However updating theese tables is only possible from within Navision. If anyone has figured out some way to retrieve the flowfields, using ODBC, please let me know. regards Alexander