ODBC / Access 2000 ==> problem

Hello, I have a customer who works with NF2.01 and with ODBC and with Access 2000. All was perfect. Last week i have installed NF2.6 and so ODBC 2.6 and now big problem in Access 2000. It is very very low and the result is no answer and so no data imported. This problem is only with big table (50000 records). Can somebody help me Thanks a lot. FH

Have you tried this table with less records , is it working fine with that. Or try to test it with excel.

Thanks for you answer Bobby, In excel, i have the same problem. When i click to obtain the list of the fields of this table : No answer. I haven’t try it with less of records, because i must find a solution for all the records.

Try adjusting the ODBC timeout in MS Access to a larger number. Django

Hi, Django I had tried. But no success. I had put 600 seconds.

Can you describe what you are doing? What query are you running? I would also suggest to try using the 3.7 executables and the latest C/ODBC that comes with 3.7. Django

Hi, Django I just try in excel to acceded in the list of the fields of the item table, in access i just try to read all the table item. I couldn’t install the 3.7 now because i would change all the program with date formula (put <> in ‘+1D’) and the customer hasn’t budget. Marvax

Solution : put ODBC 2.60 D