OCX Registration

Hello, we have a problem with an in Visual Basic developed OCX. These OCX call´s some methods from an DLL which control an EC-Card-Terminal. If we register the OCX and immediately test the Terminal it works fine. But if we close and restart Navision the following Error occurs by testing the terminal: Call Member “Terminal-Method” was failed.“OCX” returns follwing message: File not found “terminal.dll” If we register the OCX again it works fine until Navision was closed. Anyone some idea to solve this problem? Thanks

You need to put terminal.dll in the path where navision can see it. That is either WIN32 (or what ever it is called on your system), System32 or the best place is the Navision directory where the program is running. The dll is probable in the same directory as the ocx and that directory is visible to the ocx when it is registered. As the ocx is run in this directory and is not unloaded. As a rule dlls are only visible in the programs directory or in the path (as defined by the variable PATH). You should not (and can not in WIN XP) put files in the windows and system32 directories. So you should put your dll in the Navision directory. Paul Baxter