Objects moving from one instance to another instance in MSD AX


I want to move my customized objects from one instance to another instance. I know how to move objects with the .xpo files. Now, i want to know the best way of moving objects from one instance to another instance.

In which version are you working? if you are in 2009, stop the services and copy the AOD file of that perticuler layer and paste into the another instance. for example, the file name looks like axusr.aod…

path for AOD file : C–>program files → Microsoft Aynamics Ax → 50 → → Appllication → Appl.

after pasting it into the destination machine, restart and sysnchronize the application.

hope it helps…:slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.

I am using 2012. i think here also same procedure. Let me know, if any difference

Hi Satya,

We can do it using Models.

Please go through this link and download the pdf which will tell the detail description how we can move it: