Objects merged from 3.01 to 3.10A but while import

We are having 2 sets of databases with us. First database is of 3.01 and second one is 3.10A. Objects has been merged from 3.01 to 3.10A when we are trying to import the FOB in 3.10A, Navision is giving some errors. The Following are the errors which receive during restore 1. First time when I store, navision prompts for error message as You cannot delete or change the type of VAT translation field (in general ledger setup table)b4 the value in the field is reduced to zero(blank in all records). This message occurred bcoz a non zero value was found the record primary key =" in company C&P CAPITAL PTE LTD Work around: All together there are 6 companies, opened one company each, go into GL/Setup/GL Setup/ and remove the GST field from VAT Translation field 2. After this, tried to re import again but now comes up with different message You cannot delete or change the type of compress work centre ledger field (source code setup table)b4 the value in the field is reduced to zero or blank in all records. This message occurred bcoz a nonzero value was found for the record primary key ="in company C&P CAPITAL PTE LTD Work Around What I did was, opened one company after another, use object designer, choose source code setup table, run the table and delete one record which was appearing on each and every company 3. Tried to re import the fob for the third time and receives the error below The object name already exist Existing object : Table 99000791 Production Order New Object : Table 5405 Production Order I have no clue for this Is there any way where I can get some help.

Hello, First of all, I am not sure whether you are trying this step as a part of the upgrade process. In general, I would prefer upgrading a 3.01 database to 3.10A instead of merging the objects. Specifically, the error you are getting is because: - Attain does not allow two objects of the same type (in your case Table) to have the same name. During import, you are trying to create two tables with different ID but same name. Regards, Bhaskar Jani

Hi, I know what you are trying to say but wonder if there is a way to fix it. Regards Khan\

This type of error is normally taken care of by the upgrade toolkit. Have you used this? If so, are you using the localized version? Chris.

What you need to do is take a look at all the customizations to your Table 99000791 from v3.01 and decide what need to be recreated in Table 5405 in v3.10a. MANUALLY! (I know, it’s a pain…) After this, you need to take your localized Upgrade Toolkit and search out the sections that specifically transfer all the data from Table 99000791 to a temporary table (and subsequently in a further step to Tabl 5405) and modify that section to grab your customized fields and move the across accordingly. It’ll most likely be in objects contained in fobs “Upgrade301310.1.fob” (give you the codeunits and temporary tables that cleans out the old tables, specifically your 99000791), and “Upgrade301310.2.fob” (which contains the codeunits that take data stored in the temporary table and shuffles it back into 5405). This is a painstaking, time consuming, thankless job that needs to be done for any version upgrades, especially when dealing with the Attain products, as so many of the objects were renumbered.