Hi All, i know that this has discussed log log before, but i could not find the threat [:(] When i login to a Database and open an Object (Table, Form, etc) in designmode, i want to know, if an other developer has the same Object allready open in designmode, too. Is there a tool oder a way to programm such a functionallity? Greetings, Frank

No it’s not possible. Maybe one day when Microsoft Visual Source Safe will be integrated into the Navision IDE … Just another wish to add the the never ending collection [:D]

A suggestion: Make it a development rule that if someone decides to design an object, they must put their initials in the Version List field, eg W13.70,EB, before going in and modifying anything, so anyone else who opens the Object Designer, will see it. I think this is all you can do…[:(]

Hello, in our Company we use a tool called Window Watcher (http://window-watcher.de.vu/) this little Programm show´s you a Message when you open an Object twice, or, in Network Mode, when an other user how use this Programm has already open this object.