object permission for objects id in user license range

even though i have not specified permission for a new customized form/table which is in user liencese range, still user is able to open it. why ?

similarly i want to deny user access to complete module like Manufacturing… cant get it by reading nav CD

In permissions/roles, you have to set permissions on TableData. Table/Forms/Reports… etc, are used for allowing design and other stuff (not quite consistent, I know).

If you want to Allow user to use table 23 (e.g.) you have to set on that users role “TableData 23 yes/yes/yes/yes” or combinations of this yes booleans.

Check if you have in that role TableData 0 yes/yes/yes/yes which means that that role can have access to All data.

Another thing to check is overlapping of roles… Navision will always take the one that allows.

My situation is reverse to what Phenomenon explained. I DONOT want to give access to particular forms, report to users. so i have no included them in my roles. still users are able to access them. this is for customized objects

for example production BOM which is modified by my client is accessable to all users of company even though its not included in their role.

Look at roles’ permissions - you may find a role which is associated with all users with:
Tabledata 0, yes/yes/yes/yes… (perimission to access data from all tables)
Table 0, yes/yes/yes/yes… (permission to access all the tables)
Form 0, yes/yes/yes/yes… (permission to access all the forms)
Report 0, yes/yes/yes/yes… (permission to access all the report)
Codeunit 0, yes/yes/yes/yes… (permission to access all the codeunits)

If you want restrict the use of, say, some forms, you should replace that role with one where instead of “Form 0, …” there is a list of all the permitted forms.

It’s a tricky thing to do. [:)]