Object not initialised

Hi there,

I was hoping I could get some assistance with an error message that one of the accountants at my work is getting with his AX 2009.

The error he gets when he tries to use the Bank Module is as follows:

Error executing code: object not initialised. (C)\Classes\enabled (C)\Forms\BankAccountTable\Methods\billOfExchangeCreateActive (C)\Forms\BankAccountTable\Methods\enableButtons (C)\Forms\BankAccountTable\Data Sources\BankAccountTable\Methods

This is only occuring on his PC and not on any others. Beside’s trying a re-install of the application, is there anything else I could try? I suspect that this issue was caused by a Windows Update.

I am not a programmer, just the IT Support guy so I will be unable to answer any “coding” questions.

Have you tried by deleting the usage data/user cache