Object Migration

Good Day

Maybe one of you can assist me with my question…

I’m confused… first you say 3.6 objects on 5.0 exe’s, and then you say 5.0 objects on 3.6 exe’s. I would say just hold off on the exe upgrade until MS comes out with the service pack. It was promised end of august, so it should be due any day now (we hope…).

Well I doesn’t sound like a suggestion I would follow. It should be possible to do, but it’s not going to be easy.

  1. Is your customer live already? Did you convert their database? If yes, then you need to find someone who can update the version flag in the database, otherwise you cannot go back. Also notice that a lot of the “service tables” are automatically updated, so you need to change them back to the old version also…

  2. Are you aware that the NAV 3.60 object version the one of worst releases ever in NAV history (except version 1.0 which should never have been released - and version 3.00 - where 3.60 simply was a failed try to fix the worst errors). In my opinion you should really try to get away from this version ASAP!

  3. Don’t go back to NAV 3.60 executables, use the last know working version. NAV 4.00 SP3?

  4. You cannot export the objects from 5.0 and reimport them in 3.60 in fob format. And if you can do this in text format, then you need a license bigger than the normal developer license. The only way is to take a 3.60 version and reimport all you modifications. And then I hope you haven’t used any of the functionality made after version 3.60 (FINDFIRST etc.) in you code, because then it will not work.

  1. 4.00SP3 with the latest roll-up hotfix. This should fix the problem with the flowfields