Object Manager as an "Open Source" Project

Hi everyone, I have been working on an object management development tool on and off for about a year. I call it Object manager. I have been using it productively in my work for the last 8 months and have been enhancing it as I go. I would like to offer it to everyone as a group project. Currently the object IDs are in the 87500 range, so only developer licenses could have access. Maybe this can be changed soon with some add-on range objects. The project touches these major areas so far: Object History with restoration Projects with Objects CodeSafe - an automatic object backup feature Text Compare - using a modified version of the compare tool Enhance Object Import/Export using a new file format .vso (very silly object) Multi user Object Locks Upgrades Object Date/Time Compare It is a very useful tool as it is, but I think if we all used our heads and skills together it could be fantastic and increase everyone’s productivity. I could not get the attachment to work so any one who would like a word doc with screenshots please email me. I would be glad to post and/or email the objects to anyone who is interested. If anyone is interested in working on this project, please email me and we can get this organized and going. Steve

Today, I have submitted the objects and the Features document to the download section More complete instructions should be coming in a few days. Steve

I have applied to http://sourceforge.net ,an Open Source hosting site, to see if I can add the Object Manger as an open source project so we can track changes and objects etc. They say it takes a couple of business days to approve a new project so we will see.

Thanks… I want to join your project. jatuphot@hotmail.com

Hi Steve, This seems to be a great idea.i would very much like to take a look and work on any enhancements. Was unable to locate the req objects in the download section ??? Any progress on the sourcforge front. Pls mail the objects to me at : kmbhartiya@yahoo.com | kmbhartiya@gmail.com Rgds KMB

KMB, thanks for your interest the download is on mibuso.com about 12 megs in 2 downloads (I have not heard back from Eric about Uploading it here yet) The project has been approved by SourceForge and its Unix name is objmgr-nav. I think it is the first ever open source Navision project. The problem is I don’t know yet how to use Source Forge so gettin it set up has been slow. If anyone has used Sourec Forge and can lend a hand or tell me how to proceed I would appreciate it. Steve