Object Import Failure

Hi there! Anyone could answer me the question how it is possible to create such a form which contains a specific label, which SourceExp is ordered to a variable, which cannot be found in the Variables List. But it is working well, displaying no errors. I tried this object to export and then import to my own database, but at the end of the import progress was an error: “you specified an unknown variable…Define it in the Global Symbols menu” So it is working in the source database but I cannot import it into my own database because of error. How can I solve such a problem? A Microsoft Navision Pro sad that it’s hard to repair, but he hasn’t told me how… Please help me, Chino[?][?][?]

Have you tried it with Export and Import as Text? Greetings, Frank

What is the name of the variable? What executable version is the original database running on? What executable version is your database running on?

If the source expression is a field in a table and it is in the original database but not in your own database you may get this error. Check the tables are the same in both database.