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Does Anyone, Know how to change the flow in a Form from one field to the next field. I have added some field and now the flow on the Form need changed. Thanks, David

NextControl property on the controls. Regards

Do I put in the ID number in that field?

iD Number of the field you’re wanting as next control. Example: control 100 = mydescription control 140 = myname if i want to go to mydescription after myname i should put 100 as value on the property NextControl on control 140 (myname) so it will be something like control 100 = mydescription NextControl undefined control 140 = myname NextControl 100 Regards

Does it work different on Version 2.01B?

I did not know why but it is working now. It could be that I closed Navision and then opened it up. Thanks for the help.