Object Designer

Currently our company would like to purchase Navision Attain, and also we invited 2 vendors to give us the quote and prosposal. But we found that some different on item “Object Designer”. Somebody could help me to claify that: One vendor quoted : "Report and dataport designer - To change existing reports and dataports and it lets you create 100 new report objects and 100 new dataport objects. " Another one said that the Standard Report and Dataport Designer only can let user to change existing reports and dataports. If user wants to add new object, they should purchase additional license on object items e.g. Granule ID 7900 Report (each). Same cases on Forms and Table designer, one vendor quoted include new object items. And another one said need to purchase on additional.

Simon, You should purchase the license for the module. How many reports/dataports you can develop depends on the contact between NSC and you.

Thanks P H, But I would like to clearly know that, if I need to create 2 new reports and will access 1 new table. So that I need purchase: 1. Report and Dataport Designer (Granula ID : 7110) 2. Table Designer (Granula ID : 7120) 3. 2 x Report Objects (Granula ID : 7800) 4. 1 x Table Object (Granula ID : 7730) Is this correct?

Hi, If you buy the Report & Dataport granule, you should get the right to create reports & dataports Nos. 50000 to 50099. With the Table Designer, you get a set of tables, Nos. 50000 to 50009. You can buy additional object numbers (50100 onwards) if required - Either in blocks (Which is better value) or individually. You can also change standard Navision objects within the granules you have bought, so if you have bought Sales & Receivables, but not Fixed Assets, you can change S&R reports or tables, but not those for Fixed Assets. Your first vendor is correct - The second is either confused or is trying to make money by selling each object individually. Hope this is of help!

When you buy the Table Designer, you get 10 tables for free (object range 50000-50009) When you buy the Report/Dataport Designer, you get 100 reports for free (50000-50099) When you buy the Form Designer, you get 100 forms for free (50000-50099) If you buy the table designer, you should also plan to buy the form designer.