Number with 20 digits

Hi all,

My requirement is Numeric field till 20

i tried using Int64 it takes only 19 digits

so i took one string type gave size to 20 now in form->DS->table->field->method->validate

i am trying to restrict to enter any character but only number upto 20 digits,

unable to get hold of all characters can you please suggest how can i achieve this

Thanks in Advance

The maximum value that Int64 can hold is 9,223,372,036,854,775,808. If you need a higher value, you can combine two fields together.

Override validateField() method if you want to reject certain values.

Thanks martin … but the issue is fixed i took string field gave size to 20 and restricted from

entering characters by using strkeep() …

This below was the piece of code

public boolean validate()


int y,y1;

str x,p;

boolean ret;

ret = super();

y= strLen(a_String.text());

x = a_String.text();

p = strKeep(x,“1234567890”);

y1= strLen(p);



throw error(“Please enter only numeric values”);


return ret;