Number series

how to use number series in a new table in nav 2009 r2 classic client

Check this blog please…/tip-26-implementing-no-series

can u suggest me how to create no series in my consolidated table in which i am using following fields
entry no
bill no
cust no.
item no
other charges
if i want to use no series in this table how i have to use i havnt got it through your previous link.

you need to check with your client how he would like to have it. and then follow the above link to create no. series.

You will find many links as how to crate no series. You may look this to take help…/

You just need to understand how, when and for each column you want to implement this as suggested by Mohana too.

Implement and let us know if you find any difficulty.

actully i am getting difficulty in the code section for my table as i am using no series for the field bill no. so what should be edited in the code part whe i am copying the code

can amyone tell me in detail that for my above table consolidated how can i create a no series for the field bill no. and which setup table table i have to use and what code i have to write in detail so that i am not find any difficulty in doing that as i am new to this nav world

you need to have basic technical skills to perform this. please contact your organization for training if you are not sure of it.

i am jst asking to give an idea that which setup table should be used and for bill no. how i have to use …

we have already given links for your reference and idea…

okk …thanks for your support and guidence