Number Series

Dear all

In 2012 when creating PR let say number assigned is 0001 and i hav completed my PR

But when I click on New PR system generates 0002 in this case i have not entered any details of PR and spiked it PR is not created

So in this case when i go for a NEW PR system generates 0003 number but i have not created PR for 0002

how can i show uncompleted PR or can i genarate the same number 0002 again coz it is not used

Thanks In advance


Number sequences can be continuous or non-continuous. A continuous number sequence does not skip any numbers, but numbers may not be used sequentially. Numbers from a non-continuous number sequence are used sequentially, but the number sequence may skip numbers. For example, if a user cancels a transaction, a number is generated, but not used. In a continuous number sequence, that number is recycled later. In a non-continuous number sequence, the number is not used.


hi ,

Techically what exactly it is happening is when u r creating a new PR , in the Numbersequencelist table a number has been added with the status active in ur case 002 , while skipping Pr 002 the number is not getting in free state that is it is stil in active state , so while creating next it is giving you the next number .

if you want to use the same number then that status in Numbersequencelist list table should be in free state , that will happen when you wil cance it or delete it ,

You can Also debug the class NumberSeq ReleaseNumber method.