Number series

Hi All ,

One of my client is asking the Journal / Document number series should be like as mentioned below.

CODE Staring No Ending No.

GEN/13 - GEN-00001/2013…GEN- 99999/2013

GEN/14 - GEN-00001/2014…GEN- 99999/2014

GEN/15- GEN-00001/2015…GEN- 99999/2015

What client is asking when user try to create the journal or document between 01/01/14-31/12/14 , then system should pick the code GEN/14 , number should update GEN-00001/2014…GEN- 99999/2014.

If the user is generating the document /Journal between 01/01/15-31/12/15 hen system should pick the code GEN/15 , number should update GEN-00001/2015…GEN- 99999/2015.

It should pickup automatically . What i mean to say is for example 2014 Financial year completed , but not closed( becuase we need to do some adjustments ) and enter in to 2015 then system will pick up number series from this code GEN/15.

As we all know even year completed i need to pass some entries in 2014 , then system should pick up the number series from code 2014.

Is it possible in Ax 2012 ? ( I know that this functionality is possible in NAV wihtout any customization.)

If yes , could you share your experience.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, it’s supported by number sequence scopes. Nevertheless only a few number sequences use scopes by default and you may want to use your own logic for choosing scope parameter values (the date, in your case).

I hope that my article Year in number sequence (AX2012) will give you a bit more concrete idea about how it works.

Thanks Martin for the answer.

What should be answer if want to the same concept for Documents and inventory/Financial jounals ?

Journals don’t support scopes out of the box. Take ledger journals as an example - the number sequence for journal numbers is determined by LedgerParameters::numRefJournalNum(). As you can see, there is no scope argument provided:

server static NumberSequenceReference numRefJournalNum()
    return NumberSeqReference::findReference(extendedTypeNum(LedgerJournalId));

You would have to create a scope value and use it when looking for a number sequences.

Thank you for the reply Martin ,

If i want to implement the year wise number series functionality to documents (PO, SO , PR , TO…)/ Journals ( AP , AR , INV…).

what would be the solution ?

Is it possible through the customization ?

Please share your opinion .


I think the walkthrough posted by Martin is pretty complete. Basically if the number sequence has a scope you can do it, if not it is a customization to add the scope - his opinion is in the posted blog.