Number series used while converting a Quote to a Sales Order


I have set quotations with Number series as QO0001 …

My Sales order with Number series SO0001…

Whenever I convert a Quote to an Order; System gives a message that

"Quotation QO0001 has been changed to Sales Order QO0001"

Is it possible to configure NAV to use the next order number from order number series?



Hi Thompl,

I have checked in NAV2009 SP1 and found that system works as you are expecting.

I converted a quote with no. 1001, and the sales order no. generated was 1005, please note that my last sales order no. was 1004.

Check at your end again.

Hi Raj,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I found the following in the Help of NAV 2009 SP1

Converting Sales Quotes to Sales Orders

When a customer has accepted a quote, you convert it to an order.

You must have already created the quote.

To Convert Sales Quotes to Sales Orders:1. Open the Sales Quote window and browse to the quote you created.

  1. In the Order Date field, enter the date you want to appear on the order.

  2. Click Make Order, and then click Yes.

The program converts the quote to an order. It deletes the quote and sets up a new order.


The order receives the next number in the series – that is, the number series that is specified in the Order Nos. field on the Numbering tab in the Sales & Receivables Setup window.



Hi all,

I found the answer,

On the Sales and receivable setup, please click


I tried and it is working