Number Series relationship

Hi All,

When I create a Vendor then system automatically creates a new number based on the number series that I have set in Accounts Payable Parameter.

Now I want different number series in vendor master, like specific number code for Expense Vendors which starts from V-Exp-###, for Capital Item vendors ( V-Cap-###), for Raw Material Vendors (V-RM-###) etc.

So can anybody help me out how to set relationship for number sequences for Vendor Code generation in AX 2012.?

( In the same way as setting up relationship between number sequences in NAV.!)

Thanks in Advance.

Jainal Shah

p.s. Vendor code creation is an example. This requirement is also for all types of different number series say for Purchase orders/ Invoices, Sales Order/Invoices etc.!!

Hi Jainal,

Creating number sequence based on a condition (in your case vendor group?) is not possible in standard AX. You may have to customise for this requirement.

Hi Harish,

Can you please guide how to achieve this by customizing the same.? Means what code or logic required to be written.?