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when i am creating the new number series - i have the options like Shared , Leagal entity and company …

Could any share me the difference between company and legal entity in the number series form ?

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Legal entity is used for the tables which will not store the data per company. (Technically you also need to have a Foreign Key relation with Company Info table)

Use company for the tables(references) that store data per company.

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I am looking for the answer in the functional point of view . Can you explain with an example when i need to select Company and legal entity ?

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Dont be confused with Company and Legal entity, Functional point of view, There is no differance between Legal entity and Company while creating number sequance, its only- in legal entity it show only list of code including dat co. and when you select company - it shows you company name as well, Normally Legal entity are created for the company which are having independent legal status, while company in AX you can create for mapping purpose as well like you creating branch as company in AX.

There could be differance from functionality prospective if there would have been any segregation while creating legal company itself, like if you want to create company or legal entity

There is only Legal entity, business units, Department and Team

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Still i am not clear about your statement .

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For example i am have one legal entity only and need to implement AX 2012 , during creation of the new number series which option i need to select either Share or company or legal entity ?

I am confuse about these options .

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Try this

in my POV, to choose either Share, Company or legal entity is depends on the business nature. You should check this with Article of incorporation.

A company is a unique identifier for the data that is associated with the legal entity. A company can be associated with only one legal entity, and a legal entity can be associated with only one company.

A legal entity is an organization that is identified through registration with a legal authority. Legal entities can enter into contracts and are required to prepare statements that report on their performance.

In previous releases, the “dataAreaId” (or company) provided the data security boundary in Microsoft Dynamics AX. At the same time, customers used “dataAreaId” or company to define legal entities.

Multiple legal entities were modeled using multiple companies in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Operating organizations (such as departments and cost centers) were modeled within companies and were not independent entities. Furthermore, organization concepts existed independently of each other in dimensions functionality (cost center, department), and the Human Resource Management module (department and organization unit). They could not be maintained or managed in one place, which created the risk of data inconsistency.


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