Number Series for Product Receipt in AX 2012 R2


Can any on suggest me how to define the automatic No. Series for Posting the Product Receipt.

Currently in System we have manual No. Series for Product Receipt which I am updating before posting.

Is there any provision available in 2012 R2 for automation No. Series for Product Receipt while posting.

or do I miss any set up in the Parameters?

Please help me on this.

Dear Ranchoo,

Have to define number sequence for the product receipt.

if then then define number sequence and make it as continuous this will solve ur prob.

Hi Ranchoo,

Where did you setup the Number sequence for Product receipt? It is built to be entered manual in standard AX. The Product receipt voucher will have number sequence reference associated not Product receipt number.

Reason: Goods are received from the supplier along with a receipt number on the delivery, now we enter that into product receipt and accept update the items into inventory.

There is no other setup as far as I seeā€¦ If you want it to use number sequence then may be customization is the only way out!

That is vendor reference number for product receipt. You can have an internal product receipt number that can be generated by system.