Number sequence


I want to reuse number sequence , suppose if i created number sequence and cancel it , the number gets increased but i want to reuse or if i delete any number sequence i want to resuse that sequence number too

can any one tell how to achieve it?

please let me know its very urgent



Make it continuous…

i did that but its not working

suppose DAT-0001 is created and DAT-0002 i cancelled it and try to create another than number sequence is DAT-0003 is coming but not DAT-0002

Is that a customized number sequence? What do you mean by cancelled?

I mean i am not generating the record for that number sequence

no it was not standard

trying to create new form

The respective numberSeqFormHandler events need to be called when you are deleting a record/ closing a form/creating and writing a record

Have a look at \Forms\InventTransferOrders\Data Sources\InventTransferTable methods



one more issue if you can help me

let suppose i have ownership as enum type if is contract than Con-0001 will generate and if it is rental type REN-0001 will generate in the same form

i have applied 2 different number sequence as well as given condition too

but i am unable to achieve it since once is generating other restricted to that ownership


Hope the “Cancelled” doesnt mean that you deleted. If you say you deleted it then you cant expect the same number again.

Let me tell you what continuous do:

If you clicked “new” on the PO it then picks up the DAT-0002, but instead of clicking “Ok” on "Create PO"form, you clicked “Cancel”.(Assuming it’s unintentional creation)

next time when you create PO, you will get DAT-002 instead of 3. But same wont be applicable if you clicked OK and deleted the PO later.

that was done Santosh but now another question arises that i written in the last reply

thanks for the help

You can see the similar implementation in \Forms\AssetTable, where the asset number can be generated based on the chosen asset group.