Number sequence

Hello Sir,

I want to create a new number sequence on CustInvoiceTrans table like invoiceid.

i.e when we post the invoice on SalesOrder and the customer is in India that time number seque is generate on CustInvoiceTrans Table.But Customer is not in India the number sequence is not generate.

Please help me…


You need to place your logic in \Classes\SalesFormLetter_Invoice\initJournalLine which is responsible for writing the CustInvoiceTrans

Before that you need to check the country

if (custInvoiceJour.DlvCountryRegionId == ‘CountryName’)


////Add logic to write the number sequence…


hello Kranthi ,

Thanks for the reply .I know this is the right way of my solution but I am not getting the exact code for that .

Can you please help me with the proper code or you can elaborate your answer please .

Hi Darshana,

In this way you can generate a new number Sequence using code. You need to create a numberRef method on the Parameter table in AR module.

Declare a variable NumberSeq numberSeq

Hi Darshana,

Please go to the below link,i think it may help you,

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