Number sequence reset to 1

Dear all,

I face an issue in voucher number sequence.

When i create a transaction in general ledger the voucher number suddenly reset to A-13000001. I check the sequence, The next sequence should be A-13000028. The sequence already set to the continuos.

I’ve already check the voucher sequence before and there is no transaction at all regarding this voucher number.

Does any one know why the sequence suddenly reset to 1 ?

Thanks in advance



Just clear the records from list on Number Sequence Form.


Actually i’ve already known how to solve it.

But my concern is i still curious, why the number sequence can check back ?

Even though i’ve checked continuos in the number sequence

I thought that if i check the continuos, the number sequence always forward.

My client also curious why the number sequence can check back even though it’s been checked the continuos.

Is there any parameter that in some condition the number sequence will check back the blank voucher number that is no transaction ?

I also still confuse what is the different between check the continuos and not checked the continuos.

Thanks in advance



Hi Rudy,

I am having the same issue. Have you ever figured out what the root cause is, and how to prevent it from happening in the future?

Awaiting your response. Any feedback is highly appreciated.



This is a complete misunderstanding of continuous number sequences: “I thought that if i check the continuos, the number sequence always forward.”

It’s the other way around - non-continuous number sequences goes always forward; continuous number sequences try not to leave any gaps, therefore they try to look for unused numbers (e.g. a number was allocated but the record was cancelled) and fill these gaps. You should set the sequence as non-continuous to prevent these issues. And you shouldn’t use
continuous number unless absolutely necessary, because they have negative impact to performance.

Hi Martin,

I believe both Rudy’s and my problem is not about the “continuous vs non-continuous”. Our problem is more about how come the number sequence suddenly gets reset to 1 by itself.

Any other thoughts? From both technical/functional standpoints? Maybe a refresh to the environment? Or a bug, or??

The even bigger problem is that we (or at least myself) don’t know how to re-produce the issue so the developer can’t really help look into it… :frowning:

It happened to my client’s environment twice. Last December and then yesterday…

Then I probably misunderstood the sentence “The next sequence should be A-13000028.”. Does it meant that the next number in number sequence is 28, or it’s not and what number it should be is determined by looking at highest number already used in data (not taking pre-fetching of non-continuous number sequences into account)?

I can’t really speak for Rudy, but in my case, I checked both the Table and the number sequence. In my case, I have these number sequences, all of a sudden, reset to 1 in the Rebate area (Create credit note Voucher, and Pass to AP Voucher).

So for example, in the Table itself and in the Number Sequence Form, both indicate that the next number should be “XXX-XXXXX28”, but we are getting the error message, all of a sudden, saying that the Voucher “XXX-XXXXX01” is already used as of date “MM/DD/YYYY”. The ugly workaround to successfully post that Voucher Transaction is to keep hitting “Post” “Post” “Post” for 27 times, until the system has re-run the number 01 to 27. Then finally 28 can be used…

Yes, that’s what I thought and I’ve never seen this behavior with non-continuous number sequences, only in situations when a continuous number sequence tried to fill gaps in the sequence and got confused for some reason.

If you’re able to reproduce it with a non-continuous number sequence, could you please spend a few minutes and debug the number sequence allocation (or let a developer to do that)? Understanding what’s going on there in your case may be both useful and interesting.

Of course, I can’t comment on what happened in your system.