Number Sequence & Number Sequence References AX 2009

The help states that no new records can be added in Basic, Number Sequence, Reference and that to add, you should go to the parameters within the individual modules (presumably, Module, Parameters, Number Sequence).

  1. Is this true? Our new record button is disabled.

  2. If we add them in the module form, what does it do?

  3. Do references relate to Journal Name in GL?

I don’t know what part of documentation you refer to, but as far as I know:

  • You can’t create new number sequence reference in configuration, you can only assign number sequence codes. If you created a new reference, how would AX know how to use it? Number sequence references are actually defined in X++ code, in classes extended from NumberSeqReference (NumberSeqApplicationModule in AX2012).
  • On journal name level, you can configure which number sequence will be used for vouchers.

OK, If I go to any particular module, then go to parameters, then go to Number Sequence tab - can references be added there? The help says YES (F1 while under the Basic, Number Sequence, References) but when I try to do this in my instance, when I click on the New icon, nothing occurs.