Number sequence generation issue.Cannot create a record,The record already exists. AX2012 R3.

HRM & Payroll.

While submitting Pay statement getting an error

“Cannot create a record in Ledger journal table (LedgerJournalTable). Name: PPJ, Payroll Payment Journal.
The record already exists.”

I debugged and found that system allocating a number which is already presented in the Payment journal.

In Number sequence form → Next number is 98.

while debugging i found system allocating number 20.

Could you please suggest what could be the reason for generating the existing numbers?

Aren’t you using a continuous number sequence?

Go to the table NumbersequenceList through AOT and open the table in table browser. Try to find the record that corresponds to the Number sequence for PPJ( Payroll Payment Journal). From my experience the filed NextRec for that record in your case will have value = 20. Just delete that record from the table and try submitting the pay statement again.

It should resolve and create the next number 98 in your case.

Thanks both of you for the reply.

It has been caused by continuous in Number sequence.

i deleted with status free.

Now the system generated next number without error.

Continuous has been unmarked.