Number Sequence for Report Generation.

Hi All,

Can you please help me in creating a Number Sequence Report wise in Ax 2012 .

What I need is each time when I click the menu item button which prints a SSRS report a new nuber sequnce should get generate for that report .

Next time when the same report if printed again should get visible with a new number sequence.

Please help if any one knows the solution ,its very urgent.

Thanks in Advance…


Use This Step to Solve Your Problem

1- create new number seq in basic - > number Seq

2- Create a Class and copy This Code into In (Name is :Next_Number_sequence)

3- in classDeclaration :

public class Next_Number_sequence
str My_Serial_Number;
numberSequenceTable numberSequenceTable_new;

4- create new method and copy This code :

str Get_Next_Number_Seq(NumberSequence NumberSequence1)


select NextRec from numberSequenceTable_new where numberSequenceTable_new.NumberSequence==NumberSequence1
return My_Serial_Number;

5 - call it in your form , Report and …

Next_Number_sequence=new Next_Number_sequence();
InventDim.inventSerialId=Next_Number_sequence.Get_Next_Number_Seq("name of number seq ");