Number Sequence does not increment sometimes in AX 2009 !


I have one field called indentid in a new table which has number sequence format is ######_128 and it is continuous.

As it is continuous so it gets incremented like for 1st Recrod it is 005123_128 then for 2nd Record2 it is 005124_18.

But sometimes this sequence does not get incremented automatically with properly,so i get invalid number No seq. like 147,286 like that.

Then i have to go this No seq format and see the Next field.There i have to change number according to latest record in the table.if it is 005124_128 then i have to set manually as 5125 in Next field.Then it works fine for some period.

My question is why this number sequence does not create automatically or sometimes fails ?

Are you sure you are following all the correct method for code and calling at proper places to initialize and get the next number sequence value and most importantly not updating the next number sequence in number sequence table yourself. I can understand if system skip one or two numbers which also can be retrieved by cleaning the status but the number [wrong number] which you mentioned coming on your form is totally out of sync and does not make any sense.


you should check your code in the number seq class and in the form init (whether your code is ref to number seq class).