Number Sequence Creation

Hello All -

Here is my issue. All i need to do is create a new number sequence for a voucher, or a check or lets say a sales order. I am trying to find documentation on AX 2009 and cant find it anywhere (online), and the one i found is showing me and talking about the code which i dont know nothing about. AX2012 is different and not as confusing, but 2009 number sequence is different than 2012.

Whats the easy way to create a new NS and assign it to the Sales order… ???

btw. once i assigned the new NS to the Sales Order can i stop the one i used previously from being used again?


Can i just go to BASIC-NUMBER SEQUENCE- create a new number sequence, then select appripriate module, AR for example, SETUP-parameters-NUMBER SEQUENCE and then assign the new number sequence to something else, SO for example or journal… why am i not able to do this in the AR module? Is it due to rights?

From the AR module you can right mouse click and go to main table and create the number sequence. The number sequence is in Basic because they appear in every module. Create them centrally and then add them to the appropriate parameter setting or journal etc.

Adam, What do you mean under AR module right click and go to the main table? What do i right click exactly?

I am sorry, the number sequence should look simple, but for some reason it is not and i am wondering if i have the access right issues, therefore i am not able to go uinder AR-setup-parameters, number sequence and change the number sequence to the new one i created under Basic.

Please let me know

Thanks so much for your help.

If you cannot change the number sequence in AR Parameters you have a rights issue, this is simply standard functionality.

Thanks man you saved my life so many times. :slight_smile:

Its the right issues.